Students Embark on an International Culinary Adventure

Inspired by the illustrated recipe collection They Draw & Cook, several artists and designers from the CCAD Student Agency embarked on an international culinary adventure with Columbus Food Adventures, visiting some amazing international eateries on the city’s northeast side and illustrating the food they discovered along the way.

Here are five of their swoonworthy finds.

1. Estilo Brazil

This Brazilian market/restaurant has all sorts of Brazilian goodies on its shelves — from all things acai to the nation’s famous cheesy bread called pao de queijo — and no shortage of rib-sticking specials (we’re looking at you, feijoada) in its cafeteria-style line.

2. Intercontinental

Also known as Lagos Pepper Soup Corner, this Nigerian restaurant serves plenty of tasty West African staples like jollof rice — cooked in tomato sauce and served with beef, chicken, or fish — and fufu, made from grains and yam.


3. Hoyo’s Kitchen

This Somali restaurant turns out delicious, flaky sambusas (East Africa’s answer to Indian samosas) filled with meat or veggies and hefty entrees that range from seasoned chicken to goat.

4. Panaderia Guadalupana

Satisfy your sweet tooth at this Mexican bakery, which features an array of cakes, pastries, cookies and breads — from tres leches to pan dulce.

5. Mi Li Cafe

Founded in 2005, this Vietnamese spot serves up some of the best banh mis and pho in town. Plus, they’ve got plenty of yummy vermicelli- and rice-based options. 


Read more about They Draw & Cook — the brainchild of CCAD grad Salli Swindell and her brother, Nate Padavick — here.

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